Back to a classic I grew up with, crispy taco shells, filled with Beef, or Veg, iceberg, Pico di Giao, Guacamole, served with rice and Salad

(Menu comes with two tacos)

Taco's Yo'

No fear Wings

here are some of our ideas this mid-week, come by and check it out.

our buttermilk marinated chicken wings coated in a spicy BBQ sauce, Last week you said you wanted it hotter, so here we go. Served mashed Potatos

Philli Cheese

Last week we had a Philli cheese steak, it was so popular we will do it again. served with french fries. Veggie with homemade Spring rolls

Shrimp it up'

A creative mix of salads, served with avocado, sprouts and a homemade cocktail sauce. Tempura shrimp or Grilled  Zuchinni


This weeks soup is a Spicy fresh tomato and Basel soup, served with sour cream and a garlic bread roll

Nic Donalds

This week is our classic burger,or beetroot burger, topped with pickled onions, pickles, tomato iceberg salad, special sauce, cheese and bacon, this week (hopefully) with homemade chips